May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

 Mother's day began at 5:30am when Eli came to snuggle in my bed because he had a bad dream.   We have had several early mornings this week due to bad dreams and the bright sun around 5:30.  Praise the Lord for coffee.
Ben made an amazing breakfast; biscuits, eggs and bacon.

We went to church and then had a picnic lunch.

My only requests for Mother's Day were, I didn't want to cook lunch and I wanted a picture with the kids.  Eli does not like pictures and I think would have rather cleaned his room than participated.  We tried to talk with him why he despises them so and he said that he prefers videos.  So Ben told him he would take a video, just for him:

What bothers me most about Eli and pictures, is not that he looks goofy and doesn't want them, it's that it portrays to others such a vast difference than what he actually is.  I so want to capture the true sweetness of this boy.  #lifegoals.

I love how Maya snuck herself in this picture.

I probably have said this several times, but I am loving this stage of motherhood.  I love that the kids are old enough to help and do fun things.  Their interests are broadening and questions are more complex.  I have noticed a shift in the last year.  Somehow I have became the mom that other moms ask questions to.  I'm not the young mom with toddlers anymore, and while that was kind of a shock, it's also refreshing.  

I'm a little nervous what this picture will look like next year...I have a feeling a lot is going to change.

May 10, 2018

A date with my Ali-Lou

{I'm sorry Alison, I accidentally deleted your beautiful picture}

Alison and I tried out a local bakery, Catherine's Cupcakes.  It was fitting as Alison has been baking up a storm in our house and we were excited to try some fun new flavors.

This was the first 110° day of the season and the bakery seemed to not have AC...why?  I don't understand, but we still had fun.

We chatted about girly things and laughed and made plans for more dates.  Often with homeschooling, I forget to carve out one-on-one time because we're always together.  I was reminded this day how much we need it though.

April 27, 2018

This and That with a lot of Eli

I found this gem on my phone :)

Looking cute in new pj's.

Eli has written two comic books this year about ninja's.  He worked hard on the second addition, not even stopping when it was time to play outside.

Allergies hit Eli hard and his eyes have been extremely itchy.  So itchy that they've woken him up several nights.  I tried several different medicines to figure out what worked best and benedryl made him crash in our bed for a long Sunday nap.

Benedryl was not the answer and the next Saturday he woke up with his eyes almost swollen shut.  We spent the morning at prompt care and then he had his first basketball game. Prompt care was no help, but Zyrtec and different eye drops were and he was able to see well enough to make the very first basket of the game! 

When the concrete is too chilly for a desert dog:

Maya shivers every morning when we let her out and it makes us giggle every time.  It's a good thing we're not moving somewhere cold!
When you take a stinker to Kohl's:

I was waiting for the kids to get out of piano when I saw this:

Good times.  My only comfort is that we don't actually get to eat any of the produce grown in our backyard, it's all shipped out across the country.  But then again, that means that E. coli is growing in my backyard.

We took a day trip to San Diego with the White's.
The kids spent the day burying one another.




 The mommas had the most fun.  Homeschool moms need to get out of the house every once in awhile and guess what?  No one complains or fights or even asks questions when we're on the beach!

Colin was asleep 5 minutes of being back in the car, so I guess it was a successful fun day.  This also gives a little look into the inside of our new car.  Look at all the room we have now!

I spoke too soon about all the baby stuff being gone.  I guess we do have the diaper bag, burp cloths and baby blanket Elizabeth made.  Colin has worn the blanket like this all week, even sleeping in it.

April 22, 2018

When all the baby stuff is gone...

Colin asked the other day why so much stuff is changing around here.  It's true, we've had lots of material change and more to come.  Thinking about moving to a smaller house is on our brains and the kids are growing out of things and we've needed to upgrade some very old things and have seen needs of those around us that we can help with, which has equaled lots of changes.  For example, all of our "baby" stuff is gone.  A family from church was having their second child, and when Katie told me what she was needing, I realized I had it just sitting in my house, not being used.  So, we gave them what remained of the baby things in the Shear house and with that went the stroller.  One afternoon, the kids were playing house and I was working on school things at my desk.  I heard Alison say from the hallway, "Hey mom!  We figured out how to play baby without a stroller!"...I turned around to see this:

Colin shoved himself in the rolly bag we use for library books (the amount of books we get, I almost need 2 of these) and Alison was pulling him around.  Oh, and of course he's naked because boys never wear clothes at our house.

April 18, 2018

Our Piano

As we begin to think about another move coming up and knowing it's not going to be our last, Ben thought it would be best to get a piano that was "move friendly".  We have LOVED having this piano and love the history that comes with it.

 Standing like Nana is her picture with the piano:

I love that Alison and Eli learned to play on this piano and hopefully have wonderful memories of hearing music come from it.

We were able to bless another family from church with this piano.  They really wanted one, but weren't able to afford one.  They have 3 kids who want to learn to play and I am so thankful that they will get that opportunity now.

We bought a Clavinova from another family at church, who were needing to sell it before their move.  It all worked out beautifully and even though it's not the same as our old piano, the kids have really enjoyed playing it and bonus; they can wear headphones while practicing!

April 17, 2018

3rd Annual Taco Festival

This was our third year to go to the Taco Festival, but the first year we met friends there.  Elizabeth and the White's came with us and it made the event even more fun.  Alison will probably remember this as the year Daddy spoke with the police officer about their water confiscation at the door.  It was a valid complaint...yes, we live in the desert and it was in the 90's but don't you dare think about bringing water.  Nope, instead they wanted you to buy a ticket to get a bottle of water and then placed ambulances around the grounds.  It was all kinds of shady on Yuma's part.

We ate lots of tacos and fry bread and churros.


Eli is trying to block everyone else out of the picture.

 Then we rode a couple of the rides.

Tolson and Colin

Ben and Eli

Ferris wheel ride with my girl:

Leaving the best picture for attempt to get a picture of all the kids...Jon is trying to get Colin to sit down for the picture :)